WhatsApp intends to launch the Channels feature soon

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According to recent reports, the WhatsApp instant messaging application is currently testing a new feature called “Channels” that will allow messages to be sent to a large number of users.

According to the website WABetaInfo, which is interested in WhatsApp messages, the application has started testing the “Channels” feature in the beta version of the application on iPhone and Android.

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This feature makes it possible to send messages to an unlimited number of followers who join the channel while maintaining privacy, which means that the channel’s followers cannot know the channel owners’ phone number.

It should be noted that the channels are likely to be public and available for all users to join, so the messages they contain may not be end-to-end encrypted, as is always the case in the app.

Only channel owners have the ability to send messages within channels, while the rest of the members only receive messages and may give them some options to interact with messages.

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WhatsApp also allows searching and accessing channels through their unique identifier.

This feature is very similar to the channel feature in rival instant messaging app Telegram, which has been in it since 2015, and it appears that Meta – WhatsApp’s parent company – will take over the channel feature in name and working mechanism, as it is from Telegram.

Updates from channels can be viewed alongside statuses on the same tab and moved to appear in the message field alongside other conversations.

Telegram channels differ from groups because groups allow for the exchange of messages between members within the group and there is a cap on members within a group that does not exceed 1024 members in the group.

The channel feature in WhatsApp is currently being tested and will be made available to the public once the beta phase is complete.

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